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Which of the following are channels of distribution for music?
a) cable tv
b) satellite radio
c) concerts
d) all of these

Entertainment awards are an important form of ___.
a) distribution
b) information management
c) publicity
d) public/service planning

Keeping the media and consumers aware of a company or individual is the job of ___.
a) an advertiser
b) a marketer
c) a public relations specialist
d) none of these

Which of the following elements are not part of the marketing mix?
a) placement
b) price
c) profit
d) product

Which of the 7 marketing functions is used when a major professional sports league such as the NFL, NBA, or MLB is deciding where to put a new expansion team?
a) distribution
b) marketing-information management
c) selling
d) pricing

___ requires a company not only to budget for its own marketing activities also to provide customers with assistance in paying for the company's products or services.
a) financing
b) selling
c) pricing
d) promotion

Fee-based companies that provide access to the internet are ___.
a) bandwidths
b) internet service providers
c) search engines
d) cookies

The amount of satisfaction a person receives from the consumption of a particular product or service is ___.
a) place utility
b) tiering
c) economic utility
d) form utility

Resorts and theme parks offer deep discounts during ___.
a) peak seasons
b) low seasons
c) holidays
d) reality tours

Face to face communication between seller and customer is called ___.
a) personal selling
b) publicity
c) advertising
d) sales promotion

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