Business Review Games

Business games designed to introduce the student to the principles and functions of business. Business will be studied as a part of a total social, political and economic environment. The various functional areas of business will be discussed: forms of business ownership, small business, management, human relations, marketing, accounting, finance, and business law.

Classifications, Organization and Management
Here are review games dealing with the different types of business classifications, how business are organized, run and managed.

Government Regulation and Laws
Simple review games detailing how the government can influence and govern businesses that are very small to businesses that are very big.

Interview, Resume, Cover Letter, etc.
In order to get ahead in the business world you need to master your interview skills, have a great resume and an incredible cover letter. These games help prepare you on those aspects.

Other Business Games (topic not present above)
These are games that the teacher felt did not fit to any of the topics above. These may be from business field not represented on this site.

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