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Play fun math games

Learn math while trying to race a car in Wild Wild Taxi, see if you can avoid the evil grasshopper in Heroic Ants or challenge your friends to see who can score more goals in Free Kick Soccer. To start your gaming experience you need to load questions about math into the game from the links below. Find the topic for your review then select the math review game you want to play. You need to visit a few links to narrow down your choices before you can play.

Math Topics

Topics include games on Number Theory and Operations, Variables, Expressions, Equations and Inequalities, Patterns, Functions, etc.

Review for topics Geometric Relationships, Constructions and Locus, Informal and Formal Proofs, Transformational Geometry, etc.

Review games about Operations, Variables and Expressions, Equations and Inequalities, Patterns, Functions, and Relations, etc.

Elementary - Jr. High
Games geared for the lower levels on topics such as Number and Operations, Algebraic Relationships, Geometry and Spatial Relationships, etc.

Research on Importance of Gaming in the Classroom

  • Effects of Game-Based Learning on Students' Mathematics
  • Study shows how digital math games can teach more than rote skills

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