Checkers Arcade Game


Getting Started: In order to play the title above you need to first find a data set of questions to load into the game. For a complete overview on how to do this, visit the "How to Play" tab located at the top of the page or click here. Use the search box to the right of the page to find a topic that you would like to study or test your knowledge on. Once you find a data set follow the links to your game. If your teacher gave you a game ID number you can enter it in the box to the right of this page and start playing. Should you require more help visit this link.

Overview and Directions: Each player has 12 pieces placed on the dark squares of the 3 rows on his side. The players take turn to move his pieces. At the start the pieces can only move forwards. Each time a piece can be moved one step diagonally to an empty square, or jump over an opponent piece that is one step diagonally and land on the empty square behind. The jumped over opponent piece is captured and removed from the board. The capturing piece can move again immediately to capture other pieces if possible by making consecutive jumps. Note that during a player's turn, if there are opponent pieces that can be captured, the player must move to capture a piece. The game is drawn if either the same position is reached for 3 times; or if no kings are created and no pieces are captured for 40 moves.

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