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Free Quiz Generator

Our website has a free test generator which takes test generation to the next level. We offer 100% free account creation which allows you to begin quiz generation quickly. The process is as simple as inserting the question text then adding answer choices, repeating the processes up to 20 times and thats it. Once you submit the form on the quiz generator your data has instantly been turned into an online quiz using our test generator for teachers. Once the test is created you can share the link to your students to allow them to start studying. You can even track your student’s results on the tests by using our tracking software.

A Quiz Generator for Teachers Plus So Much More

Our quiz generator for teachers stands apart from other sites because we can turn your data into more than just a standard quiz. Once you submit your question and answer text to our site it is also turned into flash cards, a matching format, fill in the blank format and over 15 different fun play formats. As you can see we are also an online matching quiz maker and a place to make your own flashcard based review.

Test Generation for Teachers Tips

In order to create a successful quiz on our site remember to have a clear objective (are you teaching material or evaluating material), avoid ambiguity, fine tune the material so it fits your audience and focus on great content. You can create true / false questions (be careful there is a 50% chance of guessing correct) and remember the key to a great multiple choice question is having credible alternatives to the right answer.

Quick, Easy, Free

Once you create your quiz / test you can easily share the link on social media, your website or even your school blog. These quizzes / tests are a great tool to ensure that your teaching has been effective and can provide great feedback on your lessons. This site was created by a teacher with years of experience in the field. It is designed to be quick so you can create an effective evaluation quiz in minutes. We make our free quiz generator easy to use so you can start reviewing with your students today.

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