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Many people live on plains
a) because it's easy to travel and to farm on flat land
b) because it's a good place for rock climbing
c) because it's harder to grow food there
d) because the land is very cheap

What is the landform between mountains or hills?
a) a plain
b) a highland
c) a valley
d) a cliff

Why do many people live near oceans, rivers, or lakes?
a) because they don't like the desert
b) because there are more mountains near water
c) because they use water to drink, cook, and farm
d) because the sand near oceans is good for farming

What kind of landform is just north of the Gulf of Mexico?
a) highlands
b) mountains
c) valley
d) coastal plain

What are the major bodies of water in the central United States?
a) the Everglades and the Atlantic Coastal Plain
b) the Mediterranean Sea
c) the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes
d) the Colorado River and the Ohio River

Which landform is west of the Great Plains?
a) the Rocky Mountains
b) Appalachian Mountains
c) the Everglades
d) Central Plains

Which of these is a flow resource?
a) oil
b) wood
c) wind
d) vegetables

One nonrenewable resource is
a) cotton
b) wind
c) oil
d) wood

If we waste nonrenewable resources,
a) they will run out quickly
b) we can make more
c) more of them will grow
d) recycling will make them come back

Why are the Appalachian Mountains low and rounded?
a) They are close to the waves of the Pacific Ocean
b) They have been flooded many times by the Mississippi River
c) Wind and water caused them to erode over millions of years
d) Too many people have built homes on the mountains

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