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The Periodic Table contains...
a) 7 periods
b) 8 periods
c) 9 periods
d) 18 periods

The elements situated in the first group are called...
a) Noble gases
b) Halogens
c) Alkali metals
d) Transition metals

The lightest element on Earth is...
a) Helium
b) Neon
c) Fluorine
d) Hydrogen

The modern Periodic Table is arranged according to...
a) Mass number
b) Atomic number
c) Avogadro number
d) The number of neutrons

The Periodic System contains...
a) 7 groups
b) 8 groups
c) 9 groups
d) 18 groups

The most abundant gas in the air is...
a) Nitrogen
b) Hydrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Carbon dioxide

Oxygen, sulphur or selenium are...
a) Halogens
b) Alkaline Earth metals
c) Chalcogens
d) Halogens

This element is an essential constituent of bones, teeth and shells
a) Sodium
b) Calcium
c) Titanium
d) Manganese

This element is used to make toothpaste because it protects teeth from decay..
a) Fluorine
b) Chlorine
c) Bromine
d) Iodine

This element can prevent you from suffering anaemia...
a) Phosphorus
b) Calcium
c) Iron
d) Magnesium

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