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Why are all communities the same in some ways?
a) because the same people build the communities
b) because all people need the same things
c) because all communities have the same kinds of people
d) because citizens choose the same leaders

People in communities
a) all come from the same country
b) all live in families
c) want a good education and good jobs
d) are not citizens

What do citizens do?
a) help their communities
b) follow laws and rules
c) choose their leaders
d) all of the above

Which of these laws or rules helps keep communities clean?
a) No littering
b) No radio
c) Wear your seatbelt
d) No food or drink

Many people live in cities
a) because there are big houses in cities
b) because they like the suburbs
c) because there are many jobs in cities
d) none of the above

Some people live in big cities because
a) rural areas are too crowded
b) the cities have concerts, zoos, and other fun things to do
c) they like to have lots of open spaces
d) the cities have spaces for backyards

People who live near a big city live in
a) the suburbs
b) rural areas
c) urban areas
d) Atlanta

What kind of community does not have many stores, schools, or banks?
a) a city
b) a suburb
c) a rural area
d) an urban area

Why are laws important to a community?
a) Laws make a community bigger.
b) Laws help people live together safely.
c) Laws tell leaders what their community needs.
d) Laws let people have more fun.

Where did democracy start?
a) in Atlanta, Georgia
b) in Acworth, Georgia
c) in Athens, Greece
d) in Washington, D.C.

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