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A legend is a
a) special holiday that people celebrate
b) value that people in a community share
c) rule about how to behave in a community
d) story passed down from one family or group to another over time

People in the United States
a) are from many cultures
b) only speak one language
c) follow the same traditions
d) come from only two cultures

Stories are an important part of culture because they tell about
a) a group's ideas
b) building houses
c) schools teaching customs
d) preparing food in every culture

Two basic needs of all cultures are to
a) have shelter and traditions
b) communicate and have shelter
c) communicate and honor leaders
d) live in different environments and speak different languages

The BEST definition of ethnic group is a group of people who
a) live in a house
b) like the same food
c) are part of a family
d) have their own language and culture

I worked for equal rights in South Africa, the United Nations supported me, and I helped all South Africans win their right to vote in 1994. Who am I?
a) Cesar Chavez
b) Nelson Mandela
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the main jobs of the United Nations is to help
a) nations trade
b) keep the oceans safe
c) countries live in peace
d) people in different nations travel

What is a treaty?
a) a group of capital cities
b) an agreement made among nations
c) a program to help the environment
d) a person who represents his or her government

For many years, black and other nonwhite South Africans were denied their rights. Which detail supports this main idea?
a) Scientists from both countries share their research.
b) They were not free to live or work where they wanted.
c) Members of the United Nations work in countries across the world.
d) The United States also has ambassadors who work in the capital cities of other countries.

What do Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Cesar Chavez have in common? They
a) all fought to end slavery
b) are all honored with holidays
c) all fought against Great Britain
d) are all honored at Mount Rushmore

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