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Which best describes a volunteer?
a) an important responsibility
b) someone who follows the law
c) a person from another country
d) a person who works freely, without pay

Rights and responsibilities are both
a) part of being a citizen
b) freedoms citizens have
c) things citizens should do
d) things only adults can do

Which is both a right and responsibility?
a) voting
b) driving
c) obeying laws
d) practicing any or no religion

Freedom of assembly means citizens can
a) own property
b) protest unfair laws
c) practice their religion
d) meet together whenever they choose

The common good is
a) a list of citizen's rights
b) a plan for our democracy
c) the need to say what you think
d) whatever helps the most people in a community

If a law is unfair, citizens are responsible for
a) obeying it
b) changing it
c) paying a fine for it
d) disrespecting other laws

United States citizens have many rights. Which of the following details supports this main idea?
a) Every person has responsibilities
b) Some rights are stated in the Bill of Rights
c) Helping others is a part of being a good citizen
d) Some people take part in their school or town

A jury is a group of citizens who
a) own property
b) serve in the military
c) work for freedom of speech
d) are chosen to decide whether a law has been broken

Susan B. Anthony worked for
a) freedom of religion
b) women's right to vote
c) the right to free speech
d) the freedom to own property

What is the Bill of Rights?
a) citizens
b) responsibilities
c) part of the Constitution
d) an opinion that is shared with the community

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