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The Pilgrim's first winter was difficult because they did not have enough
a) land
b) food
c) ships
d) colonies

What is an era?
a) culture in Spain
b) community that worships freely
c) certain period of time in history
d) community belonging to a distant country

The Wampanoag taught the Pilgrims to
a) sail ships
b) trade goods
c) fish and hunt
d) build settlements

In what way were the Pilgrims and the Spanish alike? Both groups
a) built colonies
b) sailed from Spain
c) sailed from England
d) traveled to California

A mission is a community built around a
a) ship
b) colony
c) church
d) trade route

As a result of the settlements, California became a mixture of
a) Spanish and Indian cultures
b) Pilgrims and Indian cultures
c) Wampanoag and Spanish cultures
d) Catholic and New England cultures

What is a declaration?
a) freedom
b) form of government
c) announcement of an idea
d) group of leaders in a democracy

What happened before the war between the colonies and Great Britain ended?
a) Washington became President
b) The leaders met to write a constitution
c) Canada became an independent country
d) The leaders wrote the Declaration of Independence

He explained why Americans should be free from British rule. He wrote: "all men are created equal..." Who was he?
a) John Adams
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) George Washington

Which question was part of planning the new democracy?
a) Who should lead Great Britain?
b) Who would make the laws, and how?
c) How can the colonies stay under British rule?
d) Can the King of England help us form a new government?

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