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Long ago, the Cherokee lived
a) on the California coasts
b) in the nortwestern part of the U.S.
c) in the Appalachian Mountains and valleys
d) near Syracuse, New York

What happened after the settlers came to the South?
a) The settlers left the land.
b) The U.S. forced the Cherokee to move to Oklahoma.
c) The Cherokee no longer wanted the land.
d) The Creek shared their homes with settlers.

The Cherokee got their food by
a) growing vegetables
b) building dams across rivers
c) buying fish from the settlers
d) trading with the Yurok

What is the name of the Cherokee leader that invented a way to write the Cherokee language?
a) Hiawatha
b) Wilma Mankiller
c) Peacemaker
d) Sequoyah

The Cherokee have their own traditions. Which detail supports this main idea? The Cherokee
a) traveled hundreds of miles
b) lived in the South for thousands of years
c) have special foods, dances, and crafts
d) lived peacefully with the settlers

Before the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee and the settlers
a) refused to trade with one another and lived apart
b) got along peacefully sometimes and at other times did not
c) started a newspaper together in English and in Cherokee
d) divided up the land peacefully and traded goods

The Yurok bartered with other Indians for things they could not make or find in their own environment. What does barter mean?
a) grow your own food
b) build homes underground using logs
c) fish in the local rivers and lakes
d) trade one item for another

The Peacemaker told the five nations to live together in peace. Usually, each Hadenosaunee nation ruled itself. However, for major issues r
a) they kept fighting
b) they made decisions together
c) they wanted more weapons
d) they feared the Peacemaker

According to Haudenosaunee tradition, the Peacemaker set out a constitution for the nations. A constitution is
a) a special way of doing something
b) the basic laws and ideas that a government and its people follow
c) an organization that makes laws and keeps order
d) a way to exchange things with someone else

What did the Yurok use as money?
a) tooth shells
b) a small boat
c) redwood trees
d) white deerskin

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