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Due process and equal protection are protected under which two Amendments?
a) First and Second
b) Third and Fifth
c) Sixth and Eighth
d) Fifth and Fourteenth

Beyond a shadow of a doubt is the standard of proof required to convict a defendant. This statment is
a) false
b) true

The Fourth Amendment does not apply
a) to searches done by private individuals
b) to items left in plain view in a public place
c) where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy
d) all of these

Written permission to search, seize, or arrest someone is called a
a) warrant
b) summons
c) subpoena
d) injunction

To be legal, a search generally requires
a) probable cause
b) proof beyond a reasonable doubt
c) affadavits
d) a court order

This rule forbids evidence against a defendant if that evidence was obtained by violating the defendant's constitutional rights
a) Expectation Rule
b) Exclusionary Rule
c) Exemption Rule
d) Exoneration Rule

Even if evidence is obtained in violation of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments that evidence can still be used to impeach a defendant at trial. This statment is
a) true
b) false

Which is not an exception to the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement?
a) search incident to an arrest
b) stop and frisk
c) arrest at home exception
d) automobile exception

While all of the following are searches, these actions are not considered
a) consent searches
b) inventory searches
c) government inspections
d) body search

The Eighth Amendment forbids
a) cruel and unsual punishment
b) the execution of persons under age 50
c) excessive bail
d) both cruel and unusual punishment & excessive bail

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