Word Project 7 B Question Preview (ID: 997)

Creating And Formatting Tables. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the following is the command to create a table?
a) Insert/Table
b) Table/New
c) Table/Create/Table
d) Table/Insert/Table

Which of the following will only delete the contents of a cell?
a) Select the cells and choose Table/Delete/Contents
b) Select the cells and choose Table/Clear
c) Select the cells and press the tab key
d) Select the cells and press the delete key

Which of the following is not a vertical alignment option when formatting a cell?
a) Top
b) Bottom
c) Center
d) Justify

Which of the following statements regarding Word tables is true?
a) All the columns in a table must be the same width
b) The rows and columns intersect to form cells
c) Table structure cannot be changed after the table is created
d) None of the other answers

How do you select an entire column?
a) Click at the top of the column when the arrow is down pointing.
b) Drag over all the cells in the column.
c) Choose table, select, column.
d) All of the other answers

What happens when you add a column to a table?
a) The page margins are increased to accommodate the new column.
b) All the columns are resized to be equal widths.
c) The existing columns decrease in width to make room for the new column.
d) You cannot add a new column; you have to create a new one.

Why would you use a table rather than tabs?
a) Tables offer more format control
b) You can align text.
c) You feed more people at a table.
d) You can use it to add lines for text.

What happens when you press Tab in the last cell of a table?
a) Word moves into the document.
b) A new row is automatically added.
c) A new column is automatically added.
d) You receive an error message.

To delete a row, select the row and press Delete.
a) True
b) False

Generally, text aligns to the left in a cell and numbers align to the right.
a) True
b) False

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