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Your heart is approximately the size of
a) An apple
b) Your fist
c) A balloon
d) Your foot

In your lifetime your heart beats approximately
a) 2 thousand times
b) 200 thousand times
c) 2 billion times
d) 20 billion times

The top chambers of your heart are called
a) Atria
b) Capillaries
c) Lungs
d) Ventricles

Blood returns to the heart through
a) Muscles
b) Arteries
c) Intestines
d) Veins

A Qualified Heart Specialist is called
a) A Physiotherapist
b) A Radiologist
c) A Cardiologist
d) A Dentist

The wall that separates the left side of the heart from the right side is called
a) Aorta
b) Ventricle
c) Septum
d) Cartilage

Which of these is one of the most important valves in the heart?
a) Vital Valve
b) Tribal Valve
c) Mitral Valve
d) Cardiac Valve

Your maximum heart rate while exercising should not be greater than
a) 300 minus your age
b) 260 minus your age
c) 220 minus your age
d) 190 minus your age

Which vessel brings blood back to the heart from the upper body?
a) Aorta
b) Superior Vena Cava
c) Pulmonary Vein
d) Pulmonary Artery

Christiaan Bernard performed the first human heart transplant in Cape Town South Africa in
a) 1927
b) 1947
c) 1967
d) 1987

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