Word Project 7 A Question Preview (ID: 996)

Creating And Formatting Tables. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In a table, what do you press to move to one cell to the right?
a) Shift + Tab
b) Tab
c) Backspace
d) Ctrl + Tab

Which of the following is an example of a good use for a table?
a) Phone list
b) Customer information
c) Calendar
d) All of the other answers

Which of the following keys is not used to move from cell to cell in a table?
a) Enter
b) Tab
c) Arrows
d) Shift + Tab

By default, how does Word align a table that does not fill the space between margins?
a) Aligned at the left margin
b) Aligned at the right margin
c) Centered between the margins
d) Automatically resized to fill the margins

When adjusting column widths in a table, in which order should you adjust the widths?
a) Left column to right column
b) Right column to left column
c) Narrowest column to widest column
d) Widest column to narrowest column

Which of the following is the vertical distance from the top of the row to the bottom of the row?
a) Row distance
b) Row height
c) Row width
d) Row measurement

Which of the following will move the insertion point to the last cell in a column?
a) Shift + Tab
b) Alt + PgDn
c) Shift + End
d) Alt + Tab

Which of the following is executed by double-clicking a vertical gridline in a table?
a) All the columns are set to the same width
b) All the rows are set to the same height
c) The column is adjusted to fit its contents
d) The row is adjusted to fit its contents

Which of the following types of formatting may be used in a table?
a) Arial
b) Bold
c) 12 Point
d) All of the other answers

Which of the following statements about Word tables is true?
a) The Tab key is used to move from column to column
b) Rows within a table can be different heights
c) Individual cells can have different formatting
d) All of the other answers

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