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A landform is a
a) model of the earth's surface
b) shape or feature of the earth's surface
c) law that tells how much land can be used
d) chart that shows the areas with the best land

Landforms, water, and climate all
a) help people grow food
b) can be used to make electricity
c) affect how and where people live
d) make people use air conditioners

Why do many people live in river valleys?
a) The weather is mild.
b) They can travel easily.
c) The soil is good for farming.
d) There is often a desert nearby.

A desert is a
a) grassland region
b) cold area of the country
c) type of land next to the ocean
d) dry area where little rain falls

Which mountain range runs from Maine to Georgia?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Coastal Mountains
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Atlantic Coastal Plain range

This river enters the Gulf of Mexico, flows more than 2,000 miles, is the longest river in the U.S., and is a major shipping route. What river is being described?
a) Ohio River
b) Rio Grande
c) Colorado River
d) Mississippi River

What body of water runs along the coast of Georgia?
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Ocmulgee River
d) Chattahoochee River

Which BEST describes why water is an important resource?
a) Everyone likes to eat fish.
b) People can change the environment.
c) Many people like to drink orange juice.
d) Water helps people cook, farm, and travel.

Communities recycle in order to
a) use up flow resources
b) waste natural resources
c) conserve natural resources
d) replace nonrenewable resources

The Oroville Dam in California was built to block the water of the Feather River and make a large lake. People use water from the lake to make electricity.When people use natural r
a) block water
b) make large lakes
c) always make electricity
d) change the environment

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