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What direction does groundwater flow?
a) south
b) north
c) downhill
d) uphill

A rock with high porosity has
a) large pores
b) ability to store/hold a lot of water
c) large amount of empty space
d) all of the answers

Which of the following is true about pH?
a) level 9 is acidic
b) level 7 is best for stream water
c) level 4 is considered base
d) the scale runs 0-21

The amount of oxygen in stream water is called
a) dissolved oxygen
b) fecal coliform
c) biochemical oxygen demand
d) macrophyte

When it rains a lot in an area, the water table below the ground would most likely
a) rise
b) drop
c) stay the same
d) none of the above

In what watershed do we live?
a) Rouge River Watershed
b) Orion Watershed
c) Clinton River Watershed
d) Flint Watershed

What is a watershed?
a) the river nearest your house
b) a place to store water
c) the amount of rainfall and runoff in a year
d) all of the land that drains to a specific body of water

Which of these can negatively impact a water system?
a) Impermeable surfaces such as parking lots cause excessive runoff.
b) a buffer area is planted near the waters' edge.
c) natural or low phosphate fertilizers are used by homeowners.
d) barriers are put in place at construction zones.

As water moves through Clinton River Watershed from Oxford Township to Lake St. Clair, it becomes more
a) clean
b) polluted
c) clear
d) pure

Good practices for our watershed include
a) fertilizing with a low or no phosphorus fertilizer
b) dumping oil or anything down a storm drain
c) disposing of household cleaners in the trash or flushing them down a storm drain
d) washing your car in your driveway

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