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There is
a) il y a
b) il est
c) c'est
d) c'est est

a) beer
b) Beiber
c) bier
d) Bottle

As-tu écrit la lettre?
a) Did you write the letter?
b) Have you written the letter?
c) What have you written in the letter
d) Do you have the letter

a) Crepe
b) Cr*p
c) Pancakes
d) Cereal

a) Tuna
b) Thine
c) Thone
d) Thon

gateau maison
a) Cake house
b) home-made cakes
c) cake made of house
d) house made of cake

Dish of the day
a) Le plat de mot
b) Le plat de jour
c) Le plat de minute
d) Le plat vegetable

Menthe a l'eau
a) Mint flavored water
b) Meth water
c) Salt water
d) Sweet water

Fruit de saison
a) Fruit salmon
b) Fruit of saison
c) Fruit of the season
d) Fruit from saison

Have you chosen?
a) Avez vous choisi?
b) Avez tu choisi?
c) Avez je choisi?
d) Avez nous choisi?

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