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Spontaneous generation has been offered as an explination for
a) the birth of live offspring from a mother
b) the germination of a seed
c) the appearence of maggots on rotting meat
d) all

What did Pasteur do in his experiments on spontaneous generation that other scientist before him had not?
a) he boiled the broth in his flasks
b) he sealed his flasks
c) he used curved-necked flasks and left them open
d) he added microorganisms to the broth before he boiled it

The age of Earth is estimated to be
a) 2 million years old
b) 2 billion years old
c) 2 trillion years old
d) 4 billion years old

If the half-life of a radioactive isotope is 5,000 years, how much of the radioactive isotope in a specimen will be left after 10,000 years?
a) all of it
b) on-half of the original amount
c) one-quarter of the original amount
d) none of it

Isotopes are forms of the same element that differ in
a) atomic number
b) number of electrons
c) number of neutrons
d) number of protons

Miller and Urey did not use oxygen gas in their apparatus because oxygen
a) is not essentail to most forms of life
b) does not react with ammonia, methane, or hydrogen
c) would have led to the formation of microorganisms
d) was believed not to have been present in Earth's early atmosphere

a) was probably the first genetic molecule
b) can undergo natural selection
c) probably evolved before DNA
d) all

a) has a three dimensional structure
b) is a nucleic acid
c) can act like an enzyme
d) all

Scientist think that the first cells resembled modern
a) animal cells
b) mitochondria
c) archaebacteria
d) chloroplasts

Which of the following is true difference between photosynthetic organisms and chemosynthetic organisms?
a) They differen in the source of energy
b) They differ in the source of carbon
c) Photos can be found, chemos cannot
d) Photos are eukaryotic, chemos are prokaryotic

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