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The effects of a mutation can be
a) helpful;
b) neutral
c) harmfull
d) all

A diagram in which several generations of a family and the occurrence of certain genetic characteristics are shown is called a
a) pedigree
b) punnent square
c) monohybrid cross
d) family karyotype

A family record that indicates the occurrence of a trait is a
a) karyotype
b) sonogram
c) chromosome map
d) pedigree

Which of the following traits is controlled by multiple alleles in humans?
a) blood type
b) sickle cell anemia
c) hemophilia
d) pattern baldness

What would be the blood type of a person who inherited an A allele from one parent and an O allele from the other?
a) type A
b) type AB
c) type O
d) type B

Which of the following describes hemophilia?
a) codominant trait
b) sex-linked trait
c) dominant trait
d) multiple-allele trait

In humans, the risks of passing on a genetic disorder to one's children can be assessed by
a) genetic counselings
b) prenatal testing
c) analysis of a pedigree
d) all

Genetic counseling is a process that
a) assists parents in deciding whter or not to have children
b) helps identify parents at risk for having children with genetic defects
c) uses a family pedigree
d) all

Equally found in males and females, all children who had the disease had parents who also had the disease
a) autocomal recessive
b) sexlinked recessive
c) autosomal dominant
d) sexlinked dominanat

If a characteristic is sex-linked, it
a) is always fatal
b) can never occur in females
c) occurs only in females
d) occurs most commonly in males.

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