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The lac operon is shut off when
a) glucose is present
b) lactose is present
c) glucose is absent
d) lactose is absent

A substance that causes cancer is known as
a) tumor
b) mutation
c) metastasis
d) carcinogen

Mestatasis is characterized by
a) localization of a tumor to a particular location
b) spread of a malignant tumor
c) the growth of a benign tumor
d) conversion of a malignant tumor to a benign tumor

Cells grow and divide at an abnormally high rate in
a) cytokinesis
b) diabetes
c) mitosis
d) cancer

An oncogene
a) induces numerous mutations of the chromosomes on which it is found
b) may cause a cell to become a cancer cell
c) metastasizes to other chromosomes
d) prevents a cell from reproducing

The X and Y chromosomes are called the
a) sex chromosomes
b) all of the above
c) phenotypes
d) extra chromosomes

In a mating between two parental types, one of which is homozygous dominant for two linked traits and one of which is homozygous recesssive fro the same two linked traits, evidene
a) parents
b) All of the above
c) F2
d) F1

Which of the following is NOT true of chromosome maps?
a) they depict absolute differences between genes on a chromosome
b) they are practical with species having only a few chromosomes
c) they are constructed using crossingover data from mating experiments
d) they depict the linear sequence of genes on a chromosome

A mutation cause by a piece of DNA breaking away from its chromosome and becoming attached to a nonhomologous chromosome is called
a) suplication
b) inversion
c) deletion
d) translocation

A change in a gene due to damage or being copied incorrectly is called
a) segregation
b) inversion
c) a mutation
d) meiosis

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