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Magma becomes _______________ once it leaves the Vent.
a) Lava
b) an Ash Plume
c) Rock
d) Tomato Soup

The largest type of volcano in height. These volcanoes have very loud, large explosions.
a) Shield Volcano
b) Dome Volcano
c) Cinder Cone Volcano
d) Composite Volcano

A volcano that could erupt at any time or is in the process of erupting
a) Dormant Volcano
b) Active Volcano
c) Extinct Volcano
d) Relaxed Volcano

A Composite Volcano that erupted in 79AD and buried Pompeii with a pyroclastic flow.
a) Mt. St. Helen\'s
b) Mt. Etna
c) Mt. Vesuvius
d) Mt. Fuji

A bowl shaped area that may form at the top of a volcano around the central vent.
a) Crater
b) Cheerios Bowl
c) Cladera
d) Vent

The part of the volcano in which the magma travels up towards the vent.
a) Magma Chamber
b) Crater
c) Side Vent
d) Pipe/Conduit

A volcano that has not erupted for a period of time and is considered to be sleeping.
a) Dormant
b) in REM state
c) Active
d) Extinct

A cloud of ash and superheated gas that travels hundreds mph down the volcano is a ...
a) Ash Plume
b) Lava Flow
c) Tsunami
d) Pyroclastic Flow

Lava has _________ ___________ if it moves very quickly due to a low amount of Silica.
a) High Viscosity
b) Bottom of the Barrel Viscosity
c) Low Viscosity
d) Middle Viscosity

This type of volcano has very quiet eruptions and the lava flows quickly.
a) Composite Volcano
b) Chase Utley Volcano
c) Cinder Cone Volcano
d) Shield Volcano

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