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se reposer
a) to repose (a question)
b) to respond
c) to rest
d) to be at ease

se baigner
a) to explode (BANG)
b) to bathe or swim
c) to buy or purchase
d) to wash

to be bored
a) s’ennuyer
b) sonner
c) border
d) barbare

to get dressed
a) s’habiller
b) habiter
c) sauter
d) grossir

Sciences Humaines
a) Scientist
b) Humane Sciences
c) Humanities
d) English

a) information class
b) science
c) technology sciences
d) computer class

se laver
a) to shave
b) to laugh
c) to brush
d) to wash

to wake up
a) se reveiller
b) se depecher
c) se lever
d) se laver

to get up
a) se laver
b) se lever
c) se reveiller
d) se brosser

to have fun
a) avoir amusement
b) s’amuser
c) amusant
d) drole

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