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Father of the Constitution
a) James Madison
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) Benjamin Franklin

Years of the Civil War
a) 1800-1825
b) 1776-1781
c) 1861-1865
d) 1889-1903

First President of the US
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) George Washington
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) John Adams

Primary Author of the Declaration of Independence
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) James Monroe
c) George Washington
d) James Madison

Last Battle of the Revolutionary War
a) Concord-Lexington
b) Saratoga
c) Valley Forge
d) Yorktown

Battle that turned the war around, by its outcome convincing France to join the colonies
a) Valley Forge
b) Lexington
c) Concord
d) Saratoga

To whom was the Declaration of Independence addressed?
a) King George
b) the World
c) England
d) Parliament

Leader of the Sons of Liberty
a) John Adams
b) Samuel Adams
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) John Hancock

Colony that seemed to take the lead in standing up to Great Britain
a) Jamestown
b) Virginia
c) New York
d) Boston

This event began the change in relationship between the colonies and Great Britain
a) Tea Act
b) French-Indian War
c) Stamp Act
d) Boston Tea Party

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