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What is theme?
a) The main message about life
b) The main idea
c) The plot
d) where the story takes place

What is setting?
a) the way a story makes the reader feel
b) the way a character acts
c) the time of a story
d) the time and place of a story

What is plot?
a) something happens which causes something else to happen
b) the events in the story including the problem, climax, and solution
c) the way the author deals with a topic
d) where the story takes place

What are the things we consider when we analyze a character?
a) what the character looks like
b) who the character is
c) what the character says, does, thinks, and what other characters say about him/her
d) how the character feels

What is climax?
a) the most important part in the story, where the conflict is solved
b) the rising action
c) the falling action
d) the basic situation

What is conflict?
a) the setting
b) the problem
c) the climax
d) the character

What is sequence of events?
a) details
b) problem and solution
c) cause and effect
d) the order in which things happen in a story

What is cause and effect?
a) the plot
b) the setting
c) something happens and causes something else to happen
d) the climax

What is foreshadowing?
a) the resolution
b) a hint the author gives the reader into the future
c) a prediction
d) inference

What is tone?
a) the way the reader feels
b) the way the character feels
c) the way the author deals with a topic
d) exposition

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