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Boyle's Law is:
a) PV = PV
b) PV = nRT
c) V/T = V/T
d) P/T = P/T

Charles Law is:
a) V/T = V/T
b) PV = nRT
c) P/T = P/T
d) PV = PV

The Combined Gas Law (Avagadro's Law) is:
a) PV/T = PV/T
b) PV = nRT
c) V/T = V/T
d) PV = PV

Boyle's proves a ________ relationship between P and V.
a) Indirect
b) Direct
c) Logrithmic
d) Bad

Given that a tank has 2 atm water vapor and 98 atm O2, what is the total pressure of the tank?
a) 100 atm
b) 200 atm
c) 96 atm
d) 49 atm

If the total pressure of a tank is 200 psi and it is known to have 30 psi of water vapor, what is the pressure of the remaining gas?
a) 170 psi
b) 100 psi
c) 230 psi
d) None of these.

A student heats a balloon from 293 C to 303 C. The initial pressure of the balloon was 4 atm. What is the final pressure?
a) 0.375 atm
b) 1 atm
c) 8 atm
d) 40 atm

A gas has the following properties:
a) High energy, indefinite shape, indefinite volume.
b) Low energy, indefinite shape, definite volume.
c) High energy, definite shape, definite volume.
d) Low energy, definite shape, indefinite volume.

A solid has:
a) definite shape, low energy
b) indefinite shape, high energy
c) definite shape, high energy
d) indefinite shape, low energy

Why are gases compressible?
a) Because there is a lot of space between molecules.
b) Because they are low energy.
c) Because they have definite shape.
d) None of these.

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