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What was literature written in the language of everyday speech in a particular region?
a) Vernacular
b) Complex
c) Philosophical
d) Biblical

Joan of Arc brought the Hundred Years War to a decisive turning point by doing what?
a) Spying on the English armies
b) Seducing Charles
c) Fleeing to the English
d) Inspiring the French with her faith

Peasants were required to pay their local village church a tithe, which was a what?
a) A yearly amount of money based on the number of pets in their family
b) 1/3 of their goats
c) Aweekly amount of money determined by the lord of the manor
d) Ten percent of their produce

The Inquisition was which of these?
a) A court created by the Catholic Church to find and try heretics
b) A hidden group who tried to increase the Catholic Church\'s political power
c) A remarkably effective mob that hunted down unsuspecting church naysayers
d) A ruthless group of nuns who enjoyed torture and execution

Leonardo da Vinci was an excellent example of Renaissance Italy's social ideal because he...
a) was a politician, and politicians were considered the best people
b) He was a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, and mathematician
c) He wrote grand poetry and insightful political works
d) He came from a wealthy family and improved his family\'s status

Despite their importance in developing a new view of the family, Protestant....
a) Took a dim view of divorce and made even stricter policies against it
b) Did nothing to change women being held back by society
c) Had little impact on society
d) Were unable to agree how children should work around the house

The High Renaissance in Italy is associated with which three artists?
a) da Vinci, van Eyck, Durer
b) da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo
c) Masaccio, Donatello, Brunelleschi
d) Raphael, Donatello, Saurez

Both Catholics and the Protestants considered the __________ to be dangerous radicals.
a) Anglicans
b) Anabaptists
c) Calvinists
d) Moravians

__________ went to his grave believing he had discovered a westward passage to Asia, when in fact he had actually discovered the Americas.
a) Amerigo Vespucci
b) Alfonso de Albuquerque
c) Christopher Columbus
d) John Cabot

The ideas of _________ can be found in the American Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.
a) Thomas Wilson
b) John Locke
c) Miguel de Carvantes
d) John Calvin

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