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To convert from mass to moles which conversion should you use?
a) Molar Mass = 1 mole.
b) All of these.
c) Avagadro\'s number = 1 mole.
d) 22.4L = 1 mole.

How many moles of He are in 44.8 L of He?
a) 2.
b) 0.5
c) 1.
d) 3.

Given 6g of Carbon, how many moles do you have?
a) 0.5
b) 2
c) 0.25
d) 1

Balance this reaction: _____ H2 + ______ O2 --> ____ H20
a) 2, 1, 2
b) 3,2,4
c) 1,2,3
d) 2,2,1

When solving a stoichiometric problem, the first step is to...
a) balance the reaction.
b) None of these.
c) multiply by a conversion factor.
d) find the mole ratio.

Given the reaction of 2Na + Cl2 --> 2 NaCl, how many grams of Cl2 are needed to completely react with 50g of Na?
a) 77g
b) 23g
c) 155g
d) 35.5g

Given 2NO2 --> N2O4, how would the number of N2O4 molecules change if I increased the NO2 molecules to 4?
a) N2O4 would double.
b) N2O4 would be reduced by half.
c) N2O4 wouldn't change.
d) N2O4 would quadruple.

What does the coefficient of a reactant mean?
a) The number of moles you have in the reaction.
b) The number of atoms in the reaction.
c) The reaction rate.
d) All of these choices.

Balance this reaction: _____ FeO --> ____ Fe + ____ O2
a) 2,2,1
b) 1,2,2
c) 2,1,2
d) 3,1,1

Given: C + O2 --> CO2, how many moles of CO2 will be produced by burning 12g of C?
a) 528g
b) 44g
c) 12g
d) 24g

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