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a) Continental Sausage
b) Sausage
c) Continent Sausage
d) Constitine Sausage

a) Trench
b) Teaspoon
c) Slice
d) Ranch

To Get Fat
a) Fatteur
b) Grossir
c) Fatigue
d) Fateur

a) Thought
b) Think
c) Skinny
d) Thin

a) Pork
b) Pill
c) Pail
d) Pale

a) Pork Butcher
b) Beef Butcher
c) Chemist
d) Chocolate Factory

a) Money
b) Small Change
c) Change
d) 零钱

iL n'y a plus de legumes
a) There isn't much leg room
b) There aren't any vegetables left.
c) There aren't any veggies left.
d) There are still lots of vegetables left.

a) Journal
b) Livre de l'Annee
c) Magasin
d) Magazine

a) Journal
b) Newspaper
c) Dairy
d) Diary

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