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During what Greek period did the Trojan War take place?
a) Mycenean
b) Dark Ages
c) Archaic
d) Minoan

During what Greek period did Homer write about the Trojan War?
a) Archaic
b) Dark Ages
c) Mycenean
d) Minoan

Who told Achilles he could either die in battle famous or live without fame?
a) Thetis
b) Agamemnon
c) Zeus
d) Hector

What was Hector's wife's name?
a) Andromache
b) Helen
c) Bresies
d) Cassandra

Who had the idea for the Trojan Horse?
a) Odysseus
b) Agamemnon
c) Menalaus
d) Achilles

What was the name of the whirlpool that almost took Odysseus' life?
a) Charybdis
b) Scylla
c) Harpy
d) Bob

How was Oedipus related to Antigone?
a) Father and Brother
b) Father and Uncle
c) Brother and Son
d) Uncle and Brother

Who was Alexander the Great's teacher?
a) Aristotle
b) Plato
c) Socrates
d) Joe

How did Dido die?
a) Stabbing
b) Fire
c) Hanging
d) Cannon

Who was Aeneas' great nemesis
a) Turnus
b) Hector
c) Dido
d) Latinus

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