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Which is the predominate language of the Middle East?
a) Arabic
b) Judaic
c) Hindu

Which of the following was not a war between the Arabs and Israelis?
a) 6 Days War
b) War For Independence
c) Yom Kippur War

Saddam Hussein was the leader of what country?
a) Turkey
b) Egypt
c) Iraq

Which city is a holy city of Islam:
a) Mecca
b) Medina
c) Amman
d) Jerusalem

What is the sacred book of Christianity?
a) Torah
b) Bible
c) Koran

True or False: The story of Abraham is found in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
a) True
b) False

A nomad is:
a) a person without a permanent home
b) a holy shrine
c) a person in charge of a mosque

What language is spoken in Iran?
a) Hebrew
b) Farsi
c) Arabic

What resource has many several countries more powerful than others in the Middle East?
a) Water
b) Oil
c) Sand

Commemorates the Jewish exodus from Egypt:
a) Yom Kippur
b) Hanukah
c) Rosh Hashanah
d) Passover

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