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Which is a true statement?
a) Humans and dinosaurs did not exist at the same time
b) Humans and dinosaurs competed for food
c) Humans were on Earth before dinosaurs
d) Dinosaurs lived about 100 years ago

What did the avarage dinosaur look like? Choose the best answer
a) They were all very big
b) They came in all shapes and sizes
c) They all had very sharp teeth
d) They were green in color

If you were a herbivore, which would you eat?
a) A steak
b) A fish
c) A salad
d) A turkey

What is the most likely reason some dinosaurs had horns, spikes, and plates?
a) To scare humans away
b) To knock down trees
c) To knock down other dinosaurs and eat them
d) To defend themselves against predators

How would an asteroid hitting the planet cause mass extinction?
a) By causing tidal waves
b) By causing world wide fires
c) By causing earthquakes
d) By causing major climate change

What diid the largest dinosaurs normally eat?
a) Rocks
b) Meat
c) Plants
d) water

How long did dinosaurs live on Earth?
a) About 1 million years
b) About 100 million years
c) About 10 million years
d) About 1,000 years

What do birds and dinosaurs have in common?
a) Mondern dinosaurs are descended from dinosaurs
b) Most flying dinosaurs had feathers
c) Carnivorous dinosaurs mostly eat birds
d) Dinosaurs evolved from birds

A carnivorous dinosaur would eat which of these?
a) Leafy greens
b) Leaves from the tops of trees
c) fruit
d) Other dinosaurs

Mass extinction means....
a) One species dies out in a year
b) A volcano or other natural event wipes out a single habitat
c) Thousands of species die out in a short time
d) People over hunting the Dodo bird

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