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This term refers to 2 years in a row.
a) bicameral
b) double terms
c) consecutive
d) biennial

The country of Texas was called?
a) The Republic of Texas
b) Lone Star State
c) Tejas
d) Independent Texas

Individuals who work as a group to advise a government official are called the?
a) support system
b) facilitators
c) group informents
d) cabinet

When a government spends money this is referred to as?
a) income
b) expenditures
c) balanced budget
d) revenue

Serving two elected terms in a row is called?
a) consecutive terms
b) together terms
c) one term election
d) a double administration

During the first few years of the Texas Republic paper money was produced to boost the economy called?
a) coin currency
b) red backs
c) Republicans Dollars
d) reform paper

When spending does not exceed revenue this is a?
a) positive budget
b) positive revenue
c) balanced budget
d) negative deficit

An official term of office for a govt. official is called an?
a) administration
b) consecutive term
c) term of office
d) tour of duty

Groups of people who help elect government officials and influence government policies.
a) independents
b) political parties
c) liberals
d) conservatives

Texas was an independent nation for how many years?
a) two
b) three
c) ten
d) nine

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