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When additions, changes or corrections are made to the Constitution this is called an?
a) veto
b) modification
c) amendment
d) audit

Citizens can make a formal request to their government this is known as a?
a) bill
b) petition
c) ratification
d) annexation

When Congress meets they are in?
a) session
b) council
c) active
d) a meeting

What was the first Battle of the Texas Revolution?
a) Mission Concepcion
b) The Battle of the Alamo
c) Battle of San Jacinto
d) Battle of Gonzales

The last battle of the Texas Revolution was?
a) Battle of Gonzales
b) Grass Fight
c) Battle of San Jacinto
d) Battle of the Alamo

The official date of Texas Independence from Mexico is?
a) March 20,1836
b) February 28, 1836
c) April 21,1836
d) April 15, 1835

There are two chambers of Congress called?
a) House of Representative and the Senate
b) Senate and Congress
c) House of Representatives and Executive
d) Senate and Legislative

One specific power only the House of Representatives has is?
a) the power to put on trial and impeached official
b) the power to bring the charge of impeachment on a government official
c) the power to remove an official from office with no trial
d) the power to make laws without the participation of the Senate

The Senate has one specific power that the House of Representatives does not which is?
a) to make laws without the House
b) choosing who to remove from office
c) to put on trial an official that the House has charged to impeach
d) process paperwork to impeach an official without a trial

To formally join one political region to another is?
a) annexation
b) adoption
c) ratification
d) expenditures

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