Word Project 2 Test B Question Preview (ID: 99)

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Which of the following views uses the entire screen to display the document text?
a) Print Layout view
b) Full screen view
c) Document view
d) Normal view

Assume that you are in the middle of a multiple page document. How do you scroll to the beginning of the document and simultaneously change the insertion point?
a) Press the up arrow until the insertion point reaches the top
b) press PageUp until the insertion point reaches the top
c) Press Ctrl+Home
d) drag the Scroll Bar to the top of the scroll box

When the I-beam pointer is positioned over a word, what action do you need to do with the left mouse button to select it?
a) Double-click
b) Triple- click
c) Shift + click
d) Ctrl+click

Which view shows how a document will be printed?
a) Print Layout view
b) Normal view
c) Document view
d) Full screen view

What shape must the mouse be in order to place the insertion point anywhere within the document?
a) arrow
b) hand
c) I-beam
d) two-headed arrow

In the status bar, what is dimmed if Word is in the Insert mode?
a) INS
b) Overtype
c) OVR
d) ReMap

Which of the following is not true of the Full Screen view?
a) You can't see the menu options.
b) This view shows the more of the document than the other views.
c) You can see the end-of document marker.
d) You can't use the menu options.

How can you open an existing file in Word?
a) File, Open
b) the task pane
c) click on the file name at the bottom of the File menu
d) any of the above

How do you accept an AutoComplete suggestion?
a) click on the suggestion
b) choose OK from the AutoComplete dialog box that appears
c) Press Enter
d) press Insert

Using this feature changes the size of the document on the screen, not the print out.
a) Font size Feature
b) Zoom Feature
c) Print Layout Feature
d) Full screen view

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