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The sun
a) is important to every foodweb on the planet
b) makes the water cycle possible
c) is a star that is about 4.5 billion years old and 6,000 degrees Celsius
d) all of the above

Global warming can be reduced by
a) planting more trees
b) using less fossil fuels which create pollution
c) both of those answers
d) none these

The sun is made of
a) Hydrogen and Helium
b) Hydrogen and Oxygen
c) Nitrogen and Oxygen
d) Hydrogen, Helium, and Oxygen

The sun's size is equal to
a) 5 Earths
b) 100 Earths
c) 1 million Earths
d) 1 billion Earths

In the water cycle, when the sun warms up the ocean the water on top
a) condenses
b) evaporates
c) precipitates
d) collects or runs off

Evaporated water _______________ in clouds.
a) condenses
b) evaporates
c) precipitates
d) runs off

This is a type of fossil fuel
a) oil
b) coal
c) natural gas
d) all of the above

Rain water ____________ in lakes, streams, or rivers before reaching the ocean.
a) condenses
b) precipitates
c) evaporates
d) collects or runs off

In a food web, the arrows
a) Show where the energy travels
b) Points to what is eating from what was eaten up
c) Should not point to anything because pointing is rude
d) None of the above

In a food web, an arrow would point from the sun to
a) Consumers
b) Producers
c) Scavengers
d) Decomposers

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