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Joe's mom has a severe headache. Joe found several products in her medicine cabinet labeled as headache relievers. Which is the BEST choice?
a) Bottle with his mom's name, expiration date not passed, "one every 6 hours for headaches"
b) Dietary supplement "one a day helps you feel alert, energetic, and pain-free"
c) Generic over-the-counter gel capsules for pain relief, "two every four hours"
d) Well-known brand of over-the-counter tablets "helps relieve headache pain fast"

Which labeling clearly indicates the hygiene product has demonstrated proof of its claims?
a) "Makeup is noncomedogenic"
b) "Power gel holds style longer"
c) "Vitamin-enriched lotion"
d) "With active ingredients to control bad breath"

Which labeling clearly indicates the hygiene product is a drug and must meet FDA requirements?
a) "Bath talc with deodorant perfect for the whole family"
b) "Dermatologist-tested liquid after-shave"
c) "Invisible fresh-scent solid/active ingredient: antiperspirant'"
d) "Mega-hold hair styling gel with radical control"

Marion searches for easy-care blouses to wear to the office. Which is the best choice for Marion?
a) 60% polyester/40% cotton blouses, machine wash warm, tumble dry, remove promptly
b) 100% cotton knit blouses, wash in cold water, bright colors separately, lay flat to dry
c) 100% linen blouses, hand wash cold water, hang to dry, steam-press
d) 100% silk woven blouses, dry clean only

Janie wants a dress that she will not need to iron. Which is the best choice for Janie?
a) 100% cotton dress with stain-resistant finish
b) Button-front polyester/cotton dress with permanent press finish
c) Hand-wash only/lay-flat-to-dry linen dress with stain-resistant finish
d) Knit lounging dress with anti-cling finish

Nathan plans to buy five pairs of pants, one for each day of the week. Which is the best choice for Nathan?
a) Dry-clean-only pants with no finish for $30
b) Hand-wash and hang-to-dry linen pants for $50
c) Hand-wash-only dress pants for $40
d) Machine washable pants with permanent press finish on sale for $35

Which food product is a wise purchase on May 1 of the current year?
a) A can of whole kernel corn with a pack date of April 15, same year
b) A gallon of milk with a sell by date of April 29, same year
c) A package of fresh sliced pepper with a freshness date of April 15, same year
d) A package of yeast with an expiration date of April 1, same year

Jan compares a 10-ounce jar of pickles that sells for $1.49 with a 26-ounce can that sells for $2.99. Which has the lower unit price?
a) 10-ounce can
b) 26-ounce can
c) Same unit price
d) Not enough information to determine unit prices

How far can a dog run into the woods?
a) Until it gets tired
b) Until it sees a bear
c) Half way
d) All the way

How could a baby fall out of a twenty-story building onto the ground and live?
a) The baby was Superman's son and flew down
b) The baby fell out of a ground floor window
c) The baby landed in a swimming pool
d) The baby was made of rubber and bounced

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