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The frequency of a wave decreases when the wavelength:
a) increasese
b) moves up and down
c) decreases

Hertz measures the frequency of:
a) sound waves
b) radiation
c) ocean waves

At absolute zero, all molecules in a substance:
a) stop moving
b) slow down
c) move faster

Wrapping a wire around a nail several times and then attaching a battery makes an electromagnet:
a) weaker
b) stronger
c) explode

To get a better look at a patient's heart, the doctor uses which type of sound wave?
a) sonar
b) x-ray
c) ultrasound

Using a light bulb, wire, and battery, you could create a:
a) parallel circuit
b) simple circuit
c) explosion

When sound wave particles spread out, this is called:
a) compression
b) sound
c) refraction

The amplitude of a wave measures from the bottom of the trough to what part of the wave?
a) middle
b) side
c) peak

Sonar is a way to measure distance:
a) on the moon
b) in water
c) on ground

Sound waves can travel through everything except:
a) a gas
b) a vacuum
c) a liquid

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