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Name the agency created by FDR to regulate banking.
a) SEC
b) AAA
d) CCC

The term "Final Solution" refers to what?
a) The Jewish Holocaust
b) Bosnian Ethnic cleansing
c) The extermination of the Japanese
d) The atomic bomb

The WW2 African-American bomber escort squadron of pilots were known as...
a) The Brooklyn Bombers
b) The Black Barons
c) Schindler's List
d) The Tuskegee Airmen

What was the aim of the US in the Korean War?
a) To force Chinese invaders out of North Korea
b) To drive Northern Communist invaders out of South Korea
c) To create a single, unified Korea
d) To force Soviet troops out of South Korea

Brown vs. the Board of Education did what?
a) Called for separate but equal schools
b) Overturned Plessy v. Ferguson
c) Made school segregation legal
d) Made it mandatory to read suspects their rights

The American public was split on the war in Vietnam. The two sides were known as...
a) hippies and communists
b) Republicans and Democrats
c) beatniks and nationalists
d) hawks and doves

The practice of avoiding the draft by leaving the country was known as...
a) dubuque
b) dodging
c) deferment
d) detente

The election of 2000 was controversial due to ballot problems in what state?
a) Florida
b) Ohio
c) Kentucky
d) N. Carolina

Vietnam protests turned violent in all of the following locations EXCEPT
a) Jackson St. University
b) Kent St. University
c) the University of Mississippi
d) The Dem. National Convention in Chicago

The open trade agreement between the US, Canada, and Mexico is known as

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