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Lewis and Clark were sent to explore the area of land gained by the United States in the:
a) Gadsden Purchase
b) Louisiana Purchase
c) 3/5 Compromise
d) Kansas-Nebraska Act

The balance between the North and the South was preserved by
a) The Maine Compromise
b) The Missouri Compromise
c) The Florida Compromise
d) The Ohio Compromise

What was the significance of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
a) It provided information about the land of Mexico
b) It provided information about eastern part of the United States
c) It provided information about the plants, animals, land and people of the Pacific Northwes
d) All of the Above

The Republican Party was:
a) A Supreme Court ruling stating that African Americans were not U.S. citizens. It also stated that Co
b) Nation formed by the southern states on February 4, 1861; also known as the Confederacy.
c) Union victory in Maryland during the Civil War that marked the bloodiest single-day battle in U.S. m
d) A political party formed mainly to prevent the spread of slavery to the Wes

The Kansas- Nebraska Act:
a) Speech given by Abraham Lincoln in which he praised Union soldiers' bravery and renewed his commit
b) Order issued by Abraham Lincoln in 1862 that freed the slaves in non-occupied areas rebelling agains
c) An act creating two new territories, Kansas and Nebraska, where voters would decide about slavery.
d) A Supreme Court ruling stating that African Americans were not U.S. citizens.

Which was not an advantage of the North?
a) For the most part fought on their own turf
b) More men
c) More supplies
d) More territory

Which was not an advantage of the South?
a) More men, money, supplies, and railroad miles
b) Fought on their own turf
c) Excellent generals
d) Fighting units were homogeneous (the same)

What was the result of John Brown's raid?
a) He succeeded and slaves became free
b) It made many southern states secede from the Union.
c) John Brown and many of his accomplices were hanged, but it increased tensions further between the No
d) He inspired widespread rebellions as a martyr.

What was the risk a soldier faced if wounded on the battlefield?
a) Gangrene, infection, lead poisoning and amputation
b) Minor to moderate wounds, such as broken bones and cuts
c) Some bleeding and muscle damage
d) None

Why did southern states secede from the Union?
a) The South felt that their economic way of life was threatened.
b) The South felt that they were being told how to run their state governments.
c) Southerners felt that they were being forced to change their lifestyle by outsiders.
d) All of the Above

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