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Which of the following is an example of a geographic transportation barrier in South America?
a) The Panama Canal
b) The Amazon River
c) The Brazilian Highlands
d) The Amazon Jungle

The term NAFTA stands for:
a) New American Federation for Trade and Agreements
b) New American Fiscal Trading Association
c) North American Foundation for Trade and Association
d) North American Free Trade Agreement

In Colonial Mexico, society was divided into strict classes. What were these classes determined by?
a) what social class you were born in
b) how much money you had
c) how much political power you had
d) what your profession was

Which Europeans settled Mexico originally?
a) The French
b) The Mexicans
c) The Spanish
d) The Portuguese

Which of the following is an example of a geographic transportation corridor in South America?
a) Patagonia
b) The Andes Mountains
c) The Amazon River
d) The Amazon Jungle

Choose which of the following scenarios is the best example of urbanization
a) Farmers move to a large city to work in a factory
b) People living in a city move to the countryside to start farming
c) People move out of the city into the suburbs to live and work
d) People move out of the countryside into the suburbs and commute into the city to work

Which of the following terms best describes the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
a) Panthestic
b) Monotheistic
c) Polytheistic
d) Indiginous

What is one possible effect of the Great European Plain on the development of European countries?
a) It caused European countries to become poor because of a lack of fertile soil
b) It was a transportation barrier that kept countries isolated from each other
c) It provided a waterway that helped European countries to trade more easily
d) It provided enough fertile soil for European countries to grow a surplus of crops and become wealthy

Which of the following natural features most likely had the strongest effect in helping ancient civilizations like Egypt and Mesopotamia to become powerful?
a) Rivers
b) Glaciers
c) Deserts
d) Mountains

[ Abraham, Torah, synagogue, Jerusalem, Israel] The preceding words are most closely related to which world religion?
a) Islam
b) None of the above
c) Judiasm
d) Christianity

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