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A memoir is
a) a story written about someone's life as it is happening.
b) an essay that has a main purpose of pointing out evil in society.
c) a personal narrative written after passage of time on someone's life experience.
d) a diary.

The primary purpose of "Shooting an Elephant" is
a) to show how difficult it is to kill an elephant.
b) to demonstrate the problems with an imperialist government.
c) to show how well the British and Burmese got along.
d) to show Orwell's friendships while he lived in Burma.

It is only after years have passed that Orwell is able to gain perspective on shooting the elephant. He realizes that he only shot it because:
a) He did not want to look like a fool in front of the Burmese.
b) He was worried it would wreck more houses.
c) He wanted revenge on it for killing the Burmese man.
d) He wanted to hang its head on his wall.

Orwell, as a narrator, seems to be reliable because
a) He tells us everything he does wrong, but also how wonderful the Burmese are.
b) He is a great representative of the British government.
c) He lets us know he is telling the truth.
d) he provides unflinching detail about himself and the Burmese

Which of the following does the author use to demonstrate the treatment of the Burmese by the British?
a) prisoners being made into slaves
b) prisoners being brainwashed
c) prisoners in cages
d) prisoners being fed to the dogs

The three areas of conflict in "Shooting an Elephant" are:
a) Orwell vs.: himself, the Burmese and the British Empire
b) Orwell vs.: himself, the elephant and the British Empire
c) Orwell vs. the elephant, the Burmese and the British Empire
d) The elephant vs: Orwell, the British Empire and the Burmese.

Orwell cannot ever develop a relationship with the Burmese because
a) they are angry at him for shooting the elephant.
b) he works for the imperialist governement that takes advantage of the Burmese.
c) he knows he will not remain in Burma long so he does not want relationships.
d) he is too skinny and shy.

With which of the statements would the author most likely agree?
a) Native populations welcomed British control
b) Killing an elephant is an easy task for a British officer
c) Imperialism is a good system for both sides.
d) Imperialism makes a victim of both the native population and those working for the colonizing govern

Which of the following would be a major theme of the narrative?
a) Complete Burmese acceptance of British rule
b) Negative attitudes toward imperialism on both sides.
c) The British regarded the Burmese as equals
d) Imperialism is a system that works

In the narrative, the elephant symbolizes
a) British rule in Burma
b) Native traditions of the Burmese
c) Support for big game hunting
d) The childishness of the Burmese

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