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The ____________________ of a black hole is the point in space where all the mass of a black hole accumulates.
a) singularity
b) event horizon
c) X-ray-free zone
d) point of no return

In order for a massive star to form a black hole, it must first ________________.
a) expand
b) emit X-rays
c) run out of fuel
d) begin rotating

What is the lower limit for the mass of a black hole?
a) 2 solar masses
b) 3 solar masses
c) 10 solar masses
d) 30 solar masses

Black holes form when ___________________overcomes the outward________________produced by nuclear reactions within a star.
a) gravity; energy
b) gravity; pressure
c) pressure; energy
d) energy; pressure

Convincing evidence suggests that supermassive black holes exist
a) in orbits around neutron stars
b) in the centers of most galaxies
c) at the edge of many solar systems
d) between galaxies in interstellar space

If gas approaches a black hole, it will often heat up and emit ________________ that can be detected telescopically.
a) x-ray
b) white light
c) purple light
d) radio waves

Which observation most likely indicated the presences of a black hole?
a) Nearby objects are undergoing a gravitational effect
b) There is a pitch-black region in space with nothing else around it
c) X-rays are emitted from a source and then quickly pulled back in again.
d) A particular area is producing lots of radiation in all pars of the electromagnetic spectrum

The area within the event horizon of a black hole is completely
a) clear
b) white
c) black
d) colorless

What exists between a black hole's even horizon and its singularity?
a) nothing
b) trapped light
c) some of the black hole's mass
d) we don't know

What can be detected within the event horizon of a black hole?
a) matter
b) energy
c) nothing
d) its singularity

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