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The immediate effect of a single cigarette is:
a) death
b) nerve poisoning
c) mild stimulation and muscle relaxation
d) none of these

Tobacco is considered safe
a) never
b) if it is in the form of pipe tobacco
c) when it is used in a well ventilated area.
d) if only three to four cigarettes are smoked each day

Which of the following best describes carcinogens?
a) Carcinogens are completely safe.
b) Carcinogens stimulate the brain's reward system.
c) Carcinogens are chemical known to cause cancer.
d) Carcinogens block oxygen from getting into the bloodstream.

All of the following are considered short-term effects of tobacco use except:
a) increased breathing rate
b) damage to the mouth and gums
c) irritation to the inside of the lungs
d) increased changes of lung cancer

Match the following long-term effect of tobacco use with the correct body system: Risk of ulcers.
a) Digestive system
b) respiratory system
c) integumentary system
d) cardiovascular system

Match the following long-term effect of tobacco use with the correct body system: Increased risk of bronchitis
a) digestive system
b) integumentary system
c) cardiovascular system
d) respiratory system

Secondhand smoke is known to increase the chances of developing all of the following diseases or conditions except:
a) obesity
b) asthma
c) ear infections
d) bladder cancer

In children, the risks of all of the following disease or conditions are increased due to exposure to secondhand smoke except:
a) asthma
b) miscarriage
c) ear infections
d) lower respiratory infections

Pregnant women who smoke have an increased risk of
a) miscarriage
b) ear infections
c) lower respiratory infections
d) sudden infant death syndrome

The temptation to smoke is not due to
a) curiosity
b) rebellion
c) family and friend
d) truthful advertising

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