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Which of the following is not an example of an activity that fulfills a part of the three-part formula to get the most benefit from exercise?
a) lifting weights
b) kicking stones
c) stretching daily
d) biking to school

Aerobic exercise is important mostly because it strengthens this part of the body.
a) the brain
b) the heart
c) the lungs
d) the biceps

Which of the following activities is most important before beginning a new exercise routine?
a) buying workout clothes
b) purchasing gym membership
c) stretching your hamstring
d) checking with your doctore

Which of the following situations is not an example of positive peer pressure when it applies to exercising?
a) your partner has canceled 3 times in the last week
b) your workout partner had to call you because you overslept
c) your workout partner invited a new friend to join the routine
d) your running partner slowed down with you after a hamstring injury.

Yoga is an example of an activity that most enhances this type of training.
a) cross-training
b) aerobic training
c) strength training
d) flexibility training

Medicine can best be described as
a) vitamins, diet pills, protein powders, and other supplemental products.
b) drugs taken for mind-altering effects that have no medical purpose.
c) a type of drug used to cure, prevent, or treat illness or discomfort.
d) drugs that are unregulated until negative health effects arise.

Which of the following best defines over-the-counter medications?
a) medications that require a written order from a doctor
b) drugs that can be purchased at a store without a prescrition
c) drugs that can be taken for mind-altering effects that have no medical purpose
d) substances that cause a change in a person's physical or psychological state

Taking medicines orally can also be called
a) injection
b) ingestion
c) inhalation
d) implantation

Drugs can enter the body by being absorbed through the skin. This can be accomplished by using a(n)
a) injection
b) implanted pump
c) inhalation device
d) topical application

Which of the following methods for obtaining medication required the least amount of overall effort from the user?
a) inhalation
b) implanted pumps
c) topical application
d) transdermal patch

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