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Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms of perestroika and glasnost resulted in
a) a successful transition to a command economy in Russia
b) censorship of the news media in Russia
c) an era of world peace and Soviet prosperity
d) conditions that helped lead to the breakup of the Soviet Union

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was initially formed to
a) promote religious freedom
b) defend Western Europe from Soviet aggression
c) isolate member nations from the rest of the world
d) stop the flow of immigration between member nations

The Marshall Plan was designed to stop the spread of communism by providing
a) government housing to refugees
b) military assistance to Vietnam
c) funds for economic recovery in war-torn European nations
d) nuclear weapons to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members

The imaginary line that divided the Western
a) prime meridian
b) Iron Curtain
c) line of demarcation
d) Berlin Wall

One way in which the Korean War and the Vietnam War are similar is that both
a) resulted in unification of two formerly independent nations
b) reflected the success of the Western policy of containment
c) attempted to remove French imperialists from power
d) developed from Cold War tensions

The primary purpose of the United Nations is to
a) control world grain prices
b) promote democratic governments
c) resolve conflicts between nations peacefully
d) unite all nations militarily through alliances

The term iron curtain refers to the
a) scars left on the land by the trenches of World War I
b) no-fly zone in northern Iraq after the Persian Gulf War
c) border established between India and Pakistan after World War II
d) western boundary of Soviet domination in Europe during the Cold War

What has the end of communism in the Soviet Union caused many countries in Eastern Europe to do?
a) shift to a command economy
b) maintain a communist form of government
c) pursue free-market economic policies
d) join the Warsaw Pact

The destruction of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of the Soviet Union signify the
a) end of the Cold War
b) collapse of the Taliban
c) strength of the Warsaw Pact
d) power of the European Union

One similarity between the Korean War and the Vietnam War is that both wars were
a) resolved through the diplomatic efforts of the United Nations
b) fought as a result of differing political ideologies during the Cold War
c) fought without foreign influence or assistance
d) caused by religious conflicts

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