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What's at the center of the sun?
a) Corona
b) Core
c) Photosphere
d) Chromosphere

The very dense, thick region next to the core of the sun
a) convection zone
b) photoshere
c) chromoshpere
d) Ratdiative zone

The region where gases circulate
a) Convection Zone
b) Core
c) Photoshpere
d) Chromosphere

What part of the sun can we see from the Earth?
a) Corona
b) Photosphere
c) Core
d) Radiative zone

The very thin layer right below the sun's outer atmoshphere
a) Convection zone
b) Chromoshpere
c) Radiative Zone
d) Photoshpere

What is the atmoshpere called around the sun?
a) Corona
b) Core
c) Chromoshphere
d) Photoshpere

Whose equation changed ideas about the sun's energy?
a) Sedano
b) Einstien
c) Bach
d) Motzart

In Nuclear fusion...
a) Water particles collide and make a huge water park
b) A hydrogen atom combines with 2 oxygen atoms
c) Is how Einstien thought the Earth was made
d) When 2 or more nucleus' combine to make one BIG one.

In the sun, what element combines to make another element
a) Hydrogen to make Helium
b) Hydrogen to make oxygen
c) Sodium to make Chloride
d) Peanut butter and chocolate to make something tasty

Why is it really difficult for Hydrogen nuclei to combine together?
a) Because really like to blow up
b) Because hydrogen doesn't make the glue needed to stick together
c) Because they have the same + charge like the same ends of a magnet
d) Because hydrogen is slippery and doesn't like to stick together

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