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Which of these 2 objects is one AU apart?
a) Earth and Jupiter
b) Earth and the Sun
c) Venus and Mars
d) North Pole and South Pole

The _____ states that between 15 and 20 billion years ago, the universe began expanding from a single point?
a) Big Bang Theory
b) Big Crunch Theory
c) Oscillating Theory
d) Steady State Theory

A red shift in the spectrum of the light from an object indicates the object is moving _____ you.
a) moving towards
b) past
c) moving away from
d) perpendicular to

Which of these 2 objects\' distances would be best measured with light years?
a) Earth and Sun
b) U.S. and Canada
c) The Sun and Alpha Centauri
d) The North Pole and the South Pole

How do scientists know the universe is expanding?
a) The universe is not expanding
b) Blue shifted objects like near galaxies moving toward us show the universe is expanding.
c) Red shifted objects like distant galaxies moving away from us show the universe is expanding
d) There is no way to tell.

Which visible light waves are the longest on the electromagnetic spectrum?
a) red
b) blue
c) green
d) purple

The force that is opposite of gravity that scientists think is pushing the universe part is __________.
a) Friction
b) Dark Matter
c) Dark Energy
d) Electromagnetism

90 percent of the mass of the universe is made of________.
a) planets
b) galaxies
c) atoms
d) dark matter

Which is an example of the Dopper Effect?
a) A police car\\\'s siren sounds louder when it is approaching you than after it is passing you.
b) A police car\\\'s siren sounds louder after it is passing you than before it approaches you.
c) The Big Bang Theory
d) satelite radar

What theory about the origin of the universe has been disproven?
a) Big Bang Theory
b) Theory of Evolution
c) Steady State Theory
d) Grand Field Theory

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