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The cytoplasm in a cell carries out a function
a) respiratory system
b) reproductive system
c) circulatory system
d) nervous system

Which cell structure is correctly paired with its primary function
a) ribosome–protein synthesis
b) mitochondrion–movement
c) vacuole–cell division
d) nucleus–storage of nutrients

When changes occur in the genes of sex cells,these changes
a) lead to mutations in the parent organism
b) are always harmful to the offspring
c) can be the basis for evolutionary change
d) only affect asexually reproducing organisms

Asexual reproduction produces offspring that each contain
a) genetic information from one parent
b) genetic information from two parents
c) less genetic information than either parent
d) a unique combination of genetic information

Sweating is a process that helps cool the body during strenuous exercise. This is an example of
a) recycling of gases
b) cellular respiration
c) gene malfunction
d) a feedback mechanism

Which statement best describes a human chromosome?
a) It is made of amino acid subunits that form genes
b) It contains genes that may code for the production of enzymes
c) It is normally passed to the next generation through a placenta
d) It varies in function from one generation to the next.

Which group would most likely have the greatest survival success during a long period of environmental
a) a small population of rabbits living in a field of grass
b) a large population of red ants living in a forest
c) an endangered population of polar bears living near an iceberg
d) one species of bird that nests only in sugar maple trees

The ability of an enzyme molecule to interact with specific molecules is most directly determined by the
a) shapes of the molecules involved
b) number of molecules involved
c) sequence of bases present in ATP
d) amount of glucose present in the cell

The disease known as malaria may result in a fever, a decrease in red blood cells, and an enlarged liver and spleen. These symptoms are evidence of
a) a disruption of homeostasis
b) a decrease in allergic reactions
c) an increased number of cell organelles
d) hormone destruction

A new bird species is introduced to control an insect pest. A negative consequence of this action is that the new bird species may
a) limit the population of the pest insect
b) consume beneficial insects
c) disrupt mineral availability in the ecosystem
d) cause an increase of pesticide-resistant insects

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